Bonarda (Croatina)

Cantine Bonelli

Bonarda Frizzante Secco

Ruby red with bright red fruit aromas. Dry, medium-bodied with light bubbles and a refreshing finish.




Located in the Trebbia Valley, the one that connects the Po Valley to Genoa across the Ligurian Apennines. This hilly area constitutes a balanced ecosystem of vineyards alternated to woodlands and crops, making up a perfect model of biodiversity. The gravelly soil is the most ancient of all the surrounding areas and is overlooked by majestic magmatic peaks such as the Pietra Parcellara. The breezy and crisp climate, the soil properties and the expertise of man produce grapes with unique aromas, then turned into truly authentic wines. Soil composition is mixed: the upper layer is clayey – silty, the deeper layer is clay gravel and sandy gravel.


Vinification of 5-7days depending on the vintage, second fermentation with Charmat process for 2 – 4 months.


Good match for the whole meal, filled pastas, light meat dishes, pizza and barbecue.


Serve with a light chill at 58-62°F