Pinot Noir 90%
Chardonnay 10%

Champagne Dominique Massin

Brut Rosé

The pink and bright color is the prelude to tangy red fruit notes and ruby grapefruit, fresh and lively on the palate with fine perlage. 




The estate is located in Ville sur Arce in the Côte des Bar. Eleven hectares of vineyards are spread over the rolling hills of the Barséquanais region with soils composed of Jurassic hillsides, set on a limestone Kimmeridgian and interspersed with small green valleys, a mosaic benefiting from multiple exposures.


An incredibly versatile wine, this sparkling rosé goes with nearly everything. Pair with seafood, poultry and pork dishes, Brie, prosciutto, smoked salmon,  chocolate and raspberries.


Serve at 46-50°F in a white wine or wide flute style glass for a fuller aroma experience.