Chardonnay 95%
Sauvignon Blanc 5%

Tenuta Tamburnin

Vermut Rosso

This handmade vermouth is based on organically produced white wine, which is expertly combined with pure cane sugar and a fine selection of herbs and spices such as vanilla, rhubarb ,chamomile wormwood, gentian, elfdock, cloves, St-John’s Wort, garden Angelica, hops, cinnamon, nutmeg and mace, before left to soak naturally in alcohol before blending.


Castelnuovo Don Bosco in Asti Province


The nine hectares of vineyards in one single formation, at an altitude of around 300 meters above sea level, form an impressive amphitheater surrounding the buildings of Tenuta Tamburnin. They rest on ferrous-clay soils with the presence of red clays.


The vine training system used is espalier with Guyot pruning in which 6-7 buds are left, and the harvest is manual.
Some of the vines at the winery are more than 40 years old, while others are recent. The cultivation methods used provide very limited yields which offer undoubted benefits to the quality of the wine production. No pesticides are used in the vineyards.


After blending herb and spice infused alcohol with wine base, the vermouth ages for 60-90 days in steel tanks.


To be enjoyed on it's own served chilled as an excellent aperitif or in cocktail preparations.